Facebook is the largest media entity in history. Use it to market your financial website.

Facebook is the best known and largest media platform in the world. Use it to your advantage. Facebook has great built in features which allow for super specific advertising/targeting. By targeting your audience you increase the liklihood of sales greatly. In the financial sector you can target customers who need your services. For example you may target someone who struggles with debt. In this case you would run an add targeting those who may need debt advice.ou advert will have to be eye catching and related to your services. You may chose green as an association with money and therefor the finance industry. It is important that your copy is effective. Your opening line should grip the reader and grab all of their attention. Rehtorical questions or shocking statistics can get attention and illustrate authority which will be good for getting traffic to your financial website.

Why Facebook?

Facebook’s advanced targeting is brilliant for getting your content in front of the right audience. It is just as good for getting the best traffic to your website or to your email list so take advantage. Facebook has been introducing more feautres involving money and it is becoming increasingly common to have your banking cards connected to your phone. Finance is integrating more and more with technology so it is very suitable for financial businesses to advertising and connecting to their audience on Facebook.

Non-paid content is also very effective on Facebook. If your content is created to provide value then it will take off. Sharing is still a major way to grow on Facebook. With every share your audience multiplies. This is perfect for your debt collecting Agency, accountancy firm or fintech start up.

More recently Facebook introduced reactions where people could display how they reacted to the post. E.g. Happy, sad, laughing etc. This gives people a better insight into content. Use this to your advantage. Post content that generates happy and positive reactions to increase your engagement.

It is also suitable to post memes relating to your financial sector. If you can find a meme for debt collection.

How we use Facebook to grow your financial website

After we have built your website using our web design process then we begin promoting your website and attracting traffic. Paid advertising, curation and creation of content help to reach your intended audience

We will give you a plan laid out so you can be involved in the whole proecess and gain an understanding of what we are doing and how we are helping your financial business to grow.

Our marketing plan will be easy to follow and be replicatable. The plan usually last for around 3-4 months depending on your sector e.g. Debt advice may take longer to market for than an accountancy firm. Each month we will meet with you or talk to you via Skype about what we are doing that month and where we should be by the end if the month.

At the end of each month we will issue you with a brief report that gives an overview of the most important stats for your marketing.

On Facebook the most important stats that we measure for your financial-service are Engagement: likes, comments, shares, reactions. Reach is another important metric. This gives an indication as to how many Facebook users have seen your content. It is important to track page grow as well. This isn’t as important as it used to be, but still gives an insight into customer and client interest.

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