Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and is the second biggest media entity today – after Facebook.

Instagram can be utilised to send traffic to your website, just like Facebook. Using the link you are allowed in your bio is very important. You must maximise the link as it is the only one you can have. Successful accounts on Instagram use their link as the beginning of their sales funnel.

As an alternative to the link in your bio you can use Instagram influencers as a way to promote your brand and financial website. Instagram influencers are accounts which have a large following and allow for other accounts, brands and businesses to pay them in order to get in front of their audience. The best audiences are related to your niche and have high engagement. Good engagement means different things for different sizes of accounts. You will need to find an account that operates in your sector. If you are an investment advice business then you will need to look for accounts relating to investment. For example Forex. Similarly, if you are in the debt advice industry or debt collection industry then you will need to find an account related. An easy way to do this is to type hashtags “#” into the search function to find images and accounts related to that hashtag. Type in “#forex” to find accounts relating to Forex.

You can also search by location to find trending photos near your location. This is also a good way to connect with accounts in the same sector near you. It also gives you the opportunity to look at what competitors in your area are doing.

influencers are not unique to Instagram but they are most related to Instagram as a platform. Influencers can increase you exposure and following which is always a good thing. We will help you find suitable accounts to promote your financial content. We have a network of influences we work with who are perfect for for different sectors within the banking industry. We set you up with the best influencers and traffic is driven to your site.

As a result of the traffic your SEO rank will improve organically .

Currently Instagram is a great platform for growing accounts quick so we recommend you take action as soon as possible. In a few years it is likely that paid advertising will increase and become the easiest way to get traffic. As you can understand it is better to grow your audience now whilst it is relatively easy than to pay a lot of money for your audience in a few years time. Facebook has became paid feature orientated recently although the ROI has become saturated. Instagram is likely to follow suit especially simce Facebook own it.

Shoutouts are another opportunity for us to drive traffic to your financial website. Shoutouts are similar and can be part of an influencer agreement. But they are not always the same. You can ask accounts with a following larger than yours to post something of your own om their account then tag your account so they click on your account and hopefully follow. The amount of followers or likes you receive depends on the account giving the shoutout. The greater the engagement on the account the more likely you are to receive more followers and engagement on your account. Some accounts may be willing to advertise your account for free and others may require money.

For shoutout pricing there is a standard almost but it is not fixed and the prices can vary. As part of our process we will help you settle good prices and increase your exposure on Instagram.

Web Design Kilkenny will help you to grow your potential reach in Instagram and direct the traffic towards your financial website. This will increase the chances of people using your services as the exposure is much higher.

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