Search Engine Optimisation will drive more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a huge part of Web Design Kilkenny’s marketing process. Search Engine Optimisation gets your website more traffic and exposure as your website appears higher on Google searches relating to your topic. So, your financial website will rank for related terms. If you are a debt advice agency then you would want to rank for terms such as “debt advice” , “debt solutions” and “debt helpline”.

There are many factors impacting your rank on Google. No one, not even an SEO expert knows exactly what factors have what exact impact on your rank and position as Google tweak their secret algorithm everyday. However, there are known ways to improve your ranks on Google and these have provided results time and time again.

Web Design Kilkenny will help your financial website rank for the most important terms. It can take weeks or months to see Search Engine results especially for financial websites in competitive sectors such as debt advice, loans and investment. We will give you a planned strategy and describe the steps involved so you are included in the process from the start to end.

Backlinks are the most important part of the SEO strategy and will help fly your website to the top of the Google results. It is important to get high quality links that come from trusted sources. Low quality links from untrustworthy sources can damage your Google rank and have the opposite effect. Quality over quantity remains for backlinks. It is better to have less high quality backlinks than to have many low quality backlinks which look like spam.

Another factor we take into . consideration is your overall backlink portfolio. Your backlink portfolio should be diverse and include a mix of different types of link. The most important type of link is dofollow links. These are links which pass on “link juice” which is essentially when the authority from the linking site is passed on to yours. Your portfolio should also include nofollow links which do not pass link juice. These are important however as it looks suspicious if a website has only dofollow links pointing to their website. If Google believes your backlink portfolio is not diverse enough they may penalise you which can damage your search engine rank for the financial terms you are trying to rank for.

Content is also very important when trying to rank your website in search engines. Your content must be high quality and contain relevant information to the terms you would like to rank for. You would want to include key terms relating to your topic or industry in the financial sector to improve SEO. For debt advice include terms like debt solutions, insolvency arrangements, debt collection process or bankruptcy. Good quality content is also more likely to be shared and this has an impact on your Google rank as content which is relevant and good is going to be shared often. The attention your content gets on social media also plays a part in your rank.

We will build high quality, search engine optimised articles and content for your website as part of our process. SEO can be complicated and can cost a lot of money if not performed correctly. We save you the hours of learning and the associated cost. We have given hundreds of clients results and we want to help you too.

For more Search Engine Optimisation information you can call us for our best advice. Alternatively you can contact at anytime you want. We want to hear from you as soon as possible.