Snapchat is a huge platform with a reported 100 million active daily users.

The demographic for Snapchat is younger and is perfect for financial services that are educational or apply to the younger generations. For example: Junior ISAs or Debt and Financial advice.

Snapchat allows for day to day snaps of how you business operates. This may seem like a lot of work but your story only needs to be between 10 – 30 seconds long. This helps to build trust with your audience and customers. In the short snaps you may want to include useful financial advice or quick tips on how to save money for your next holiday. Giving customers a view behind the scenes of your company will let them feel involved and therefore more likely to buy.

Snapchat have also introduced paid advertising to appear directly in front of your target audience. Targeting is not as specific as on Facebook but it is still effective, especially for services aimed at the youth. Snapchat ads can be used to get targeted traffic to your financial website. This is another great source of traffic and will help boost your SEO organically.

Snapchat is not widely used by businesses and it will without a doubt give you a competitive advantage over other businesses who are too stubborn to adapt to fast growing and changing platforms.

Snapcodes have given businesses more of an opportunity to market their snapchat account or any link to a website they would like. Snapcodes are codes which are generated by Snapchat and can be scanned using the Snapchat camera. You are automatically given one when you create an account on Snapchat. You can share this across platforms so people can add your snapchat account without having to type in your username. You can include your logo in the snapcode which is an extra piece of branding.

Additionally, you can log onto the Snapchat website to create your own custom snapcodes that link to where ever you want a user to go. For example, you cold create a snapcode so when it is scanned it takes you to your financial website. You can also get very creative and use it as the beginning of a sales funnel. If a user is to scan the code it would take them to a landing page which was the beginning of your sales funnel. This is a unique funnel and is easy for web design Kilkenny to set up for your business.

Snapchat is the only platform where you will have to do most of the posting. As part of your marketing you will have to record and take snaps of to post most days.

Recently stories have been introduced to Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. These platforms realise the power of telling a story through social media and have adopted the feature from Snapchat. It is best to created your stories on Snapchat and download them on to your camera roll then upload them to the other stories on the other platforms. This saves you creating individual snaps for each platform and is the best way to do this.

Utilising stories across platforms can help you grow different platforms effectively. We implement Snapchat in our process to give you a competitive advantage and to drive traffic to your website.

Stories disappear after 24 hours, it is also common for businesses to post exclusive offers on their story and have customers screenshot them to redeem the offer this is an effective way to grow your snapchat account quickly. We will advise you on how to grow your Snapchat effectively throughout the process.

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